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Dio Stationery

DIO is the newest service provided by Notelli. We realise that so many of our fabulous customers are very creative by nature so 'Design it Ourselves' lets you take control of those very important finishing touches.

How does it work?

If you decide to have DIO stationery, you can either pick from out stock 'print ready' stationery or work with us to design your own. We will then provide 2 ideas of what your fully assembled invite could look like.

Once you've ordered, we will then send you your printed stationery along with any ribbons, bows and embellishments you require from us (or order your own!). Inside your box you will also find assembly guidelines and the two 'ideas' we made for you. The best bit is, you can change your mind and add your own twist to your stationery.










The DIO service comes in these two fabulous packages:

DIO | Creative Fusion - pick this option to unleash your full creative ability. Stationery will come completely un-assembled
DIO | Blended Passion - pick this option if you've not had much experience with craft but would like to try your hand at it. Stationery will come partially assembled (we'll do the big bits and leave the fine details to you).

Click Here for guidance prices

Love this idea? Shop DIO, or fill in an enquiry form.

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