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Sometimes it’s easy to look at the world we live in and despair…


So much is out of our control and very often we feel our opinions and feelings are not voiced, represented or heard…


Sometimes we stand amidst the hustle and bustle of humanity and we feel insignificant and under-valued…


Very often we give up on the things and people around us, relinquishing the power we actually hold to change our present and our future…


Sometimes we give up on hope. Sometimes we see it as a thing of our past but not of our future.Notelli aims to be a beacon to remind people that there is still something beautiful, something pure, and something true in amongst the debris of the world we live in..


never.lose.hope… in Joy,

.never.lose.hope… in happiness,

.never.lose.hope… in peace & love,

.never.lose.hope… in God.


.never.lose.hope… in Justice, Co-operation and Peace.

In Honesty, Fairness, Valor & Faith.

Or in Love abounding, over-filling and over-running.


.never.lose.hope… in respect,

.never.lose.hope… in civilization,

.never.lose.hope… in Order or Rank

.never.lose.hope… in Success.


.never.lose.hope… in profit,

.never.lose.hope… in Charity,

.never.lose.hope… in perseverance,

.never.lose.hope… in the Power of Prayer.


In everything endure, through everything bear and for everything hope..never.lose.hope…


.never.lose.hope… has nothing to do with cards. It’s a mantra for coping with life, living for love and making your own happiness whilst resisting the temptation that will allow this world to get you down.


.never.lose.hope... in hope

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