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      "I remember the first time I got cards made from Notelli. I thought they were lovely myself but it wasn't till I saw the reactions on other peoples faces when I handed them the card that I realised how special they truly are."

- Raeed Helwani (Manager at Headlines Hospitality)

      "I was very happy with the service from Notelli for my wedding. Care and attention was given to every detail. Highly recommended."

- Rebecca Jones (Bride)

      "When something is done with passion and from the heart, you can immediately tell. Hold a Notelli product and you're sold."

- Barrak El-Mahmoud (CEO of Capture)

      "I cannot reccomend Notelli enough. The care and dedication of it's creators means that every individual article they seel are ideal for your need. A really easy and personalised service at a great price. Truly chuffed with my purchases, I will be returning!"

- Jack Popplewell (Groom)

      "Sefa, Notelli's brainchild has exhibited innovation and beauty with her designs. Notelli is Ghana's creative future."

- Egya Jallow (Groom)

      "When I think of Notelli, the first word which comes to mind is elegance. It's clear that each Notelli creation is made with a recipe that isn't considered by other designers; elegance, simplicity and a touch of love..."

- Kara Ntumy (Publisher at Harper Collins)

      "Notelli provides a great service, not only are they extremely professional but the designs are great. They did my order of service and table numbers for my wedding, and were extremely patient and accommodating of all my last minute changes. If you are looking for quality and reliability I highly recommend Notelli, and distance is not a problem as they post UK wide."


- Christina Patrick (Bride)

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