S E F A  & K O F I 
October 8th, 2022 | Burlton Manor
Y E S & A M E N




It feels like yesterday when I first saw her. I know most people know that I live in Ghana and Sefa lives in the UK so they always ask where we met. So we met in Ghana, at my church (Agape). She loves to call it our church though even though the first time we met it was only her second time visiting.

So I was ushering and seating people from the front so as to conserve space and make sure there were no gaps and then she walked in. Or was she already seated? Good question but I honestly don’t remember. What I do remember is that I walked up to her and politely asked her to move two or three rows forward and this girl said 'NO'. I mean how can you say NO in church, isn’t that where you are supposed to practice obedience? So in my head I knew straight away this girl wasn’t from around here and we started chatting a bit whilst I tried to bargain with her to at least move one row forward and she tried to explain why she couldn’t move. Something about where she was sitting was 'the warmest place'. Unfortunately I had to keep moving so I asked for number and I remember her telling me to add her on Facebook 'if I wanted' which I couldn’t even be bothered to do. I didn’t see her leave and the next time I saw her was some months after during the watchnight service on December 31st and she came in with her cousins and waved at me. She was always like moving too fast, always on the move, and I was always left wondering when I’d see this beautiful girl again.


Then on one special Sunday when I was not feeling well, but had managed to make it to church just to sit at the back and worship God, the lead usher requested that I helped them serve people for a bit then I could sit down again. I managed to get up and whilst going about my normal duties she walked in, as graceful as ever and smiled at me. I was left spell bound and confused for a minute - probably longer. I quickly put myself together and put the “Kofi Game” into action. This time there was no escaping for her. So I realised she had walked in with a gentleman and since I was an usher I could ask who was sitting with her and go scot free so I did just that. I asked her if she was with the gentleman she came in with and she said no and then I decided to wait till after the service was over to continue talking to her.

After the church service I made it clear I wasn’t going to allow her to leave without giving me her number and that’s how we ended up here. But you'll have to come and celebrate with us to find out the rest of the details!

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Kofi and I got married on the 30th of December 2020 - in Ghana, in the middle of a pandemic! Like so many other couples, we were grateful to be married and healthy, but we really missed the opportunity to celebrate with you. Between Covid & Brexit, our marriage has been somewhat of a long-distance arrangement so far. But we are really looking forward to marking our new beginning with you there to share your blessing. 


W H E R E 
 Burlton Manor, Shrewsbury, SY4 5TD
(The best way to get here is to drive or take a taxi. There is ample parking on site and you can leave a car overnight if you wish)

Saturday October 8th, 2022
The " Yes & Amen! " | 1pm         
Reception & Speeches | 2pm
Dancing Party| 7pm till late

Strictly Formal or Traditional Dress

 Burlton Manor is a short drive from Shrewsbury centre where these is a lot of accommodation available. We recommend looking on or Air BnB. The nearest places to the venue are:
Premier Inn - Harmer Hill |  Burlton Inn | The Oaks
There is also a small amount of on site accommodation. If you would like to stay on-site, please e-mail us


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It goes without saying, your presence is the best gift you could give us. Some people have been asking us whether we have a gift registry, and we do! You can find it by following the link below.  



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